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About NuPEAK

At NuPeak, it's the approach that makes us the best value in Goondiwindi Region and we are proud to serve such an active community.


Drawing from over 13 years of military service and competitive weightlifting, the head coach has developed a training method that is efficient and effective.


From this, NuPeak Fitness became a reality. It doesn’t matter if you have never worked out before or are just ready to take it to the next level. At NuPeak, there is a great variety of group training, one on one training and various methods of recovery from the strenuous riggers of exercise.

No matter what your goal is, NuPeak will help you achieve your fitness and health goals. 

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My Philosophy


My method of getting you where you want to go is why NuPEAK is what makes it unique. By listening to my clienteles desires with their health, I find out what’s important to you and design an entirely customized plan based on your needs.


I have a holistic approach to your health incorporating fitness, recovery, nutrition and rehabilitation.


This allows each client to achieve their desired fitness level and achieve goals sooner.


Mixing tough yet fun techniques, I strive for excellence and delivering you optimum results.

There is everything you need - knowledge, experience and equipment.

Start today!

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Intense Training

Our Fitness Specialisations

Work out with a Personal Trainer

Our staff are professionals with a wealth of knowledge of personal training, military style bootcamps and various sports. Each brings their own fitness specialty and unique training style, but all are committed to ensuring safe and effective workouts. Please speak to one of our staff to allow us to match you with the perfect trainer to achieve your fitness dreams.

Core Exercise

Core Training

Work on those deep muscles.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Flexibility/Mobility Training

It's your foundation.


Olympic Weightlifting

Techinque, Technique, Technique.

Running Together

Cardiovascular Training

Improve your heart rate variability.

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Nutritional Support

Fuel your body correctly.


Functional Training

Strong base, strong back

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